Friday, January 2, 2009


My recent attempt at painting with no paint actually involved.
I have gotten kind of tired of using acrylics because I guess I work kind of slow and the paint just dries out before I can really blend in the colors enough. Actually I don't really ever get a chance to blend things too well before it gets kind of sticky and tacky. I am starting to consider testing out oil paints so I blend colors better and have a much smoother looking painting. At least that's what I hope to achieve. Fact is tho, is that I am an illustrator who loves her colored pencils and markers and if that's what I do pretty ok than lets see how we can apply that technique in different manner than just paper.... So here we have it. Its basically a few patterned papers from somewhere, ribbon, embellishments and my illustration. I think it worked out pretty good for my first attempt at this style.

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