Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whale and friend

Just been in the mood for whales...and birds...who doesn't like a good whale and bird...aye
I'm totally out of witty quirky things to say if I ever had any. I think winter really is starting suck the life out of me. I'm am sooo running out of steam and I got the longest mental list of things that need some serious getting worked on. I need a little army of elves to help me get things done or started for that matter. I would feed them an endless supply of cookies...who doesn't like that!

The weather has been toying with me the past day or so where it's not below 30 degrees at least during the day. It actually hit 50 and I hear it could reach 60 sometime this week. I am anticipating spring. I can't wait for spring where it will be nice and warm but before that happens I hear we also got some snow coming next week. Oh yay.

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Kerry said...

i enjoy your word blogs