Sunday, September 4, 2011


When it comes to drawing and illustration I usually like to go with markers and colored pencils. Most of the time I usually end up using the computer to make most of drawings. Actually for work that's all I ever do now and days but sometimes I just really need to step away from the computer and just draw for real. It just feels good to make something from hand.

Sometimes I like to dabble in acrylics but I am starting to realize I am probably too slow of a painter for them. eventually I want to give oils paints a try but I think I will wait until winter to mess around with those. I feel like winter is a good time for painting projects. In the meantime with all of my many projects, I decided to give watercolors a try. I have a long way to go before I am any good with them and I am pretty sure I will just resort to colored pencils and markers cause they are quicker and I have a better handle with them. It's fun to try out a new technique though. It's nice and kind of traditional to be painting in watercolors I have to say. Here are two drawings I worked on this past week during a long day and half of no power after the wrath of hurricane Irene.

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Rosenclimber said...

water colors are tough. check out john singer sargents watercolors for some inspiration. he was the master.