Sunday, September 9, 2012


This little illustration I made for my friends who are expected parents-to-be. Unfortunately didn't get this done in time for the baby shower yesterday but it's definitely done for when the baby arrives! Maybe I will make a coordinating Lizling. We shall see though. I have a lot of projects to work on  right now so I have a feeling something is going to get pushed back yet again.....I wonder what that could be. Oh and anyone who might care out there. I have hopped on board for another Sketchbook Project 2013 and this time I plan to actually get it done, not like last year so stay tuned in!


Anonymous said...

Hi!! I love your drawings!
And really like your last projects!!
Thank your for finding my blog nice! :)

AncientModern said...

This is awesome -- I saw this and was like Liz made this for one of her friends having a baby and was like I'm having a baby -- then I red what you posted --- soo cool :)