Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Uhhh oh!

Here's my next little drawing! I forgot I owned a drawing tablet! yay!!


Doreen Mulryan Marts said...

LOVE it!!

AncientModern said...

Was little octi (meer!) taken away from the sea as a young octi-puss and forced to assimilate to the world of Liz and Bunny? Is this journey an exploration of how his/her life should of been living in the sea? Will this trip home fill the emptiness in his/her soul? Or is it just a cute as hell Liz illustration? I'm just messing around -- I love it --I wanna be hanging on to the bottom of the sub -- its sooo cute

Liz Urso said...

Thanks Guys!!

Unknown said...

psst....ya know what would look super cute in our new apartment?? a brand spankin new lizly painting!

whaddya say?!