Thursday, January 1, 2009

Out with the old and in with 2009

Happy New Year and so long 2008.
So it's almost the end of my vacation. I should have savored it more like a fine wine-however I did not. (Altho I glass of it would be rather nice right now) Still not a waste tho, I managed to take some pictures of the stuff that I have been working on the course of the past two years. My passion for making small cute little things needs to be shown somewhere and right now my blog is where it's at. I plan on in the next few months getting my etsy store set up with things to buy! I can't wait really but I am sooo occupied with so many things to work on all at once. It's exhausting and overwhelming at times. But this is the year where things need to get done and there are many things to get done! For one thing, I can't wait to have my website finally up and running. (Many thanks yous to my bestest Ira) I mean it probably won't be too far different from my blog just more concentrated and no blabbing from me. Just lots of pretty pictures... or pretty ugly pictures incase you don't like what you see. I plan on in the new few weeks or sooner to get a design going for my business card cause after all these years I really ought to have one. I think people need to see more of Liz Urso's stuff out there. I am totally not trying to be cocky at all. It's just this is what I do and really it would awesome if more people got to see what I do other than friends and family.
Anywho, I got a lot of stuff to show from my recent painting that I made for my friend Kerry for Xmas...some toys and some mosaics that until recently have been taking up the past month of my time and whatever else just happens to pop in there.
Although it has only been 24 hours into the new year I think it might be good one. It best be a productive one if anything. Ok so well I wish those who happen to stumble upon this a great and productive year as well!

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