Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twas the night before Friday...

Unfortunately this week I will not have a posting for Illustration Friday! It's been weeks since I posted an illustration. I should post more stuff on here but I never remember too! I feel like time is going by way to quick! It's been two weeks since my really awesome vacation in Japan. I really had a great time there. There is just way too much to see and too much to cram into literally 7 days! I would definitely like to go back sometime in the future and see more of it but for now I would like to visit places in the US since there really is a lot here to see and do. However I think the next country I want to go to is Australia and my cousin lives there so that will be a good reason to go there. I can't wait. I am excited to see more of this world we live in!

Sooo once again I have found another hobby to tap into. I picked up this really cute book called Doodle stitching which is all hand done embroidery and its looks so cute. It's basically drawing with thread. I have been putting it off because I need to pay off my expenses from my trip but eventually I want to head over to a art supply store and get materials for that.

My main reason for blabbing away tonight is because I can't get out of my mind how badly I want my next new toy!!! I really want a Gocco. It's basically like a hmmmm small silk screen kit kind of thing. I don't really know but it orginates from Japan and I just think its an awesome way to make art and prints. I got to check out my funds and maybe crack open the piggy bank and I really mean break it open!! That's some hard earned cash that could get used on this thing. It would be well worth every cent!

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