Monday, June 15, 2009

Card Crafting Evening!

I thought I would share my accomplishments for the night. I'm pretty proud of them and I wish I could make decent cards when I HAVE to make them at work. I guess I just have a tendency to work better at home when not pressed for time when it comes to this particular designing. Awful to say that I am not using any of the papers I designed at work. Awful awful awful! I do have two pretty cute lines tho-so maybe one of these days I'll craft something and post it on here.
I really love my card for my dad! It should go nicely with the homemade brownies I am going to have to bake at the end of the week for Father's Day. I really think I need to start making more cards for everyone just to use up all this stuff I have here plus most importantly being creative!
Double Yay!

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AncientModern said...

Awesome Dad day card - if I was only a Father