Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IF: Infinite

Ok so this illustration was inspired by my recent trip to Vermont. We only spent a few days there but we really tried to make the most of it. I totally love Vermont and it was first time there. I am not exactly sure what I love about it. The country farm roads, the old timey-ness, the scenery, the outdoorsy-ness and so much more. We stayed in Burlington which is pretty neat little college town. I really enjoyed it there. Kerry and I had a list of things we totally wanted to do. I wanted to make use of the bike trail along Lake Champlain, a ghost tour, Ben and Jerry's, Magic Hat Brewery and whatever randomness we could stumble upon. Actually we both wanted to do the same things which made this trip very easy to do. We did everything I mentioned and visited Shelburnes Farms and Musuem which was pretty interesting, fun and pretty. One random idea Kerry really wanted to do was go to a drive-in movie. We both never been to one before so we figured why not see one in Vermont. It definitely was quite experience however we watched a terrible movie! Anyway all of this leads up to before the movie starts and Kerry leaves the car to use the bathroom one last time before the movie begins. It's all dark outside from the lights being turned off awaiting for the movie to turn on and Kerry taps on my side of the window telling me to come outside. Right away I knew what she was going to say since I just caught notice of how visible every single star in the sky was...Insert favorite curse word here! It was amazing! You couldn't even count them. Everytime you looked you would see billions more. Too me the sky seemed endless, space seemed endless...there was an infinite amount of stars.
It was one of my favorite moments there.


thedoodlegirl said...

I would LOVE to see Vermont! This illustration is not only beautiful, but magical. It's just lovely.

Unknown said...

It's a very sweet illustration :)

Olivier aubin said...

greatly done!


Kerry said...

obv i loves this and will likely steal the picture!