Wednesday, July 14, 2010

IF: Diary

Here's my drawing for this week. It's a bit rushed a little more than usual. You know trying to cram things in midweek, sew some toys, clean the fish tank, and watch some X-files reruns while I do it all!
Anyway, I think this looks a little similar to a drawing I did a few weeks ago...It should be called "Later that Night." I intended for this to be a night scene but I think it translates more like a quiet winter night. Oh well, I'll tell ya, it's been so fricken hot lately that I wouldn't mind a nice brisk winter night. No need to rush the seasons though!
Enjoy my illustration!


Morph Waffle said...

This is perfect and X-File reruns are quite awesome.

Anko said...

Nice and fresh! I love squids too <3

Kylie said...

This is really sweet. Oh and I just read your profile note what a lovely job you have it must be a lot of fun!

Kerry said...

This is really great! Also, I've been fantasizing about the fall all day.