Sunday, November 6, 2011

Project Halloween

This year I didn't really have thought out plans for a Halloween costume and usually that means I do my default zombie costume of some sort. This time I wanted to make it a little different and actually I wouldn't even say I was a "zombie". Lately as you can see from my last few blog posts that I have really been on an octopus/ squid kick so I wanted to keep that going for this costume. I had this great idea to be a person who drowned at sea and make some little creatures since that's what I am really best at and just give a drown victim with a "Liz" twist. The story for my costume is I got pushed off a cruise ship one night, drowned because I got caught up in some netting and came back from the dead to seek revenge on my killer.

It's kind of a pretty simple costume and I could have taken it further but I had limited time to really get everything I needed. I bought fishing net and attached aquarium plants to it for seaweed as well as actually making some seaweed myself with felt. The octopus is a Liz original creation along with the starfish and dead fishies. The cool thing about the octopus is that it has bendable legs which it the first time I ever tried to do that using armature wire for sculpting. It worked out so well that the octopus will become a new toy design and the monkey design that I have made in the past will be adjusted to come with a bendable tail for future productions of it! I made the octopus so that it could be worn all night long and not fall off my head and the other little critters were attached to my fishing net. I kept my outfit pretty simple because I just didn't have time to find the perfect dress and didn't really want to take away from the netting and creatures attached to it. Here are tons of pictures of these guys before they were put in use. Unfortunately I don't have very many pictures of myself with the whole get up on from the Halloween party!


Patty Kunath said...

amazing liz! just amazing! you are so talented. I can't wait for you to start selling these, it will be like hot cakes!!

Liz Urso said...

Thank Patty! :)