Friday, July 27, 2012

Ipad doodles

So a couple of months ago I got an ipad. I never wanted one in the past. Well its not that I didn't want one, I just didn't think it was necessary to have one especially if you have a smart phone. Once I got this thing I immediately downloaded all the games I have on my phone that I thought would be way more fun and easier to play on a bigger screen. Once that was done I realized I was killing hours sittings there playing Plants vs. Zombies, Angry birds or Sudoku. The ipad is incredibly great at wasting hours on! So then one day on my Facebook a friend suggested I download the Paper 53 app and I am so glad I did. It's awesome! It's basically drawing in a digital sketchbook. It made me pretty ecstatic to be able to do so just like when I bought the wacom and started drawing with that for the first time. The app is pretty close to drawing using a pencil tool, marker, water color and calligraphy pen but the interface can get a little touchy, you can accidently draw or erase your drawing if your not careful turning the pages or paying attention to what tool you are using. Anywho here are some of the drawings I have done so far on this thing. Definitely more to come because I just enjoy it so much. It's sad because I haven't been drawing in my real sketchbook very much lately because of it

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