Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A whole bunch of stuff...

I know I haven't been on here pretty much most of this year. This is going to be a brief post for those who still stumble upon my blog every now and then. It's been a challenging year with my mom getting sick and then passing away early this summer. I miss her tons but it has pushed me to realize life is effing short, get to it, whatever it is. An important thing I have been hesitating and procrastinating with is having some sort of internet space for those to come and see my art and buy it. Making art makes me smile. It's one of my major driving factors in my life and this is something I need to get cranking on.

With that said here we have it. is up and running! Go here and it will get you to wherever else you need to be in the realm of Liz Urso! But just for quick reference, here is a link to my Facebook art page: AND most importantly

All of this is a work in progress of course as I am myself.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, now go like my Facebook page and buy something from my Etsy store! :)

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