Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scout and Friend

Sooooo I haven't really been keeping up with my blog quite as much as I want to. I mean in reality, I would love to be doing nothing but making art and toys and posting it all day long but I need a paycheck so I gotta do what I gotta do if that means working hard from 9 to 5 and squeezing in a few hours afterwards for myself. By all means I'm not being down on work. Just like every human being out there, there is always something else you would rather be doing especially when you're an artist and you got a never ending list of projects. Sometimes you just want to be sitting by the water somewhere with a beer and sketchbook at hand.
Anyway in the meantime, I have been breaking my finger tips sewing away little critters here and there. I am just about ready to throw some stuff on my etsy store hopefully soon! My latest new plush is an octopus. This guy who currently is nameless is the first version of what's to come. There was a lot of trial and error working with it but I think I have a good template to work with now. It's pretty darn cute and I am currently working on a better version for my friend Patty. Soon after that's done, the little guy will follow in a purple color in that cute little familiar face we see through out my blog.
The little pink bunny however is the famous bunny in just about every illustration I do. His name is Scout. I've been meaning to work on him for months...maybe even a year by now! I wanted to knit him a cute striped scarf but my knitting skills are a bit rusty but I was able to still hook him up with a nice white one. Eventually Scout will follow me on my travels and we'll see more of him...kind of like a traveling gnome kind of thing....
That's all for now! Enjoy :) And as always Thank you for stopping by!!

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Patty Kunath said...

i love my tako yaki! thanks so much!!