Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pink Fox

So far out of all the plush I have ever designed the Mr. Fox character has been one of my favorites! This I guess is a girl version since it is pink. However when I finally get around to doing the arctic fox one, that will really be the girl counterpart to Mr Fox. She will be complete in mostly all white design and eye lashes which I kind of meant to incorportate into this design but completely forgot! This is also a custom request from a friend, since I wouldn't naturally think to design a pink fox! She sure is cute tho.

I just wanted to say a little something about the scarf. The scarf is hand knitted all by myself! It's pretty much the extend of my knitting capabilities but I just want to  give a little shout out to my friend Sarah Vanderbeek because she took the time out to show me how to knit like 8 yrs ago when we met at my first design job. I can do other knits but I always get kind of frustrated when it comes to yarn.  However Sarah is just fantastic when it comes to knitting and I am glad she at least got to teach me the basics!

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